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I watched the breaking waves on the day's end
And thought about life without my best friend.
He was a friend that was unlike any other
This friend of mine should have been my brother.
He wasn't the type that would ever leave you down
The moment came alive whenever he came around.
This old boy could step foot in any place
And a smile would come to everyone's face.
Good times and great friends was all this boy knew.
He never knew the meaning of "there's nothing to do."
If times were slow and things seemed to be dead
He'd drive us up to the mountain with that old foot of lead.
We'd sing, dance, laugh, and have a good time--
Never a dull moment with this old friend of mine.
He could take you places you've been many times before
But as long as he was around you never were bored.
He spent his life trying to help his fellow brothers.
A heart as big as his, GOD gave few others.
His spirit was as free as an eagle up above
There are no graces that compare to this boy's love.
He's the only person I know even in the face of death
That could keep your spirits high 'til his very last breath.
He taught me a few lessons while he was here:
Have a good time, be kind to others, and never show fear.
He taught us all a lessson that will last all of time:
"Love your mother and brother and always let your
                            SOUL SHINE".
                                                         Andy Carter, 2001